What You Need To Know About Sperm Donation

Surrogacy and other assisted reproductive technology services highlight the technological advances in family planning. As you would likely guess, sperm donation is the process by which a man donates his sperm so that it may be used to impregnate a woman and produce a child through IVF or artificial insemination.

Indiana Law And Informal Sperm Donation

However, when a man "donates" sperm directly to a mother, a contract whether oral, written or implied, is then with the mother and he is likely to be held responsible for the child created.

In Indiana, true anonymous donors always go through a licensed doctor. Indiana law holds that artificial insemination by intercourse does not exist. In fact, the court has found that a man who inseminated a woman with the intention of solely providing sperm was in fact still responsible for the care of that child.

Sperm Donation Agreements

Working with a qualified Indiana assisted reproductive technology lawyer can help ensure that your rights and responsibilities are clear and understood. Having Herrin & Leach draft egg donation and sperm donation agreements can clarify the intentions of the parties clearly and unambiguously, which provides the best protection for all parties involved.

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