What Types Of Adoption Are Available?

At Herrin & Leach, our attorneys have completed thousands of successful adoptions of all types. While based in Indianapolis, we assist clients across the state and the country. And with more than 55 years of combined experience handling adoptions, there are few issues we have not seen or worked to resolve.

We are committed to your needs and understand the potentially stressful and emotional path of adoption. We are committed to your family. You can be assured that your case will be given the attention it requires in a completely confidential manner.

Private Adoption

Private adoptions, including newborn adoptions that do not utilize an agency are known as private adoptions.

There are other types of private adoptions, including:

Other Types Of Adoption

Our lawyers frequently assist with agency adoptions, including those that take place across state boundaries (interstate adoptions) or country borders (international adoption).

And if issues arise, we have the experience to step in and assist your family to find a resolution even if it requires litigation.

What Is Right For You

Whether you have attempted assisted reproductive technology or have remarried and now have stepchildren, adoption might be the answer for a growing family. Each situation is unique, and we provide tailored legal advice and counsel to ensure your hopes become reality.

If you are considering adoption, please call our Indianapolis office at 317-566-2174 or send us an email. We offer initial consultations free of charge to discuss your situation.