Adoption-Only Firms: Your Best Advocate

The path to adoption can take time. There are specific steps in Indiana that must be carefully followed in order to ensure a successful adoption. Do not leave the fate of your child in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Whether you are an adoptive parent or expectant mother, we will walk you through the process from the beginning to the final court hearing.

Indiana's adoption laws and statutes can be confusing and misunderstood by people who do not frequently work in the field. Expectant parents and adoptive parents should seek sound advice about what the statutes, amendments and policies really mean.

You benefit by working with an experienced adoption attorney or an adoption-only firm in several cases.

For Example, If Your Adoption Involves:

  • Prospective adoptive parents who have identified a child to adopt through an agency or a private arrangement
  • An expectant mother who wants to find a safe and caring home for her newborn
  • Prospective adoptive parents who are still seeking a child
  • Expectant mothers and potential adoptive parents who are still contemplating adoption and have questions about the process
  • Stepparents who wish to formally adopt a stepchild
  • Relatives such as grandparents or adult siblings, who wish to complete a kinship adoption because a child can no longer be cared for by his or her birth parents
  • Interstate adoptions in which a child being adopted is being sent to another state or is arriving from a state other than Indiana
  • Contested adoptions when a child is being adopted over the objection of the legal parent
  • Foster parent adoption when a child is in foster care and needs a permanent home

The Best Decisions Are Informed Decisions

At Herrin & Leach, we believe that the best decisions are made when the most information is available. We will take the time to sit down with you and explain Indiana adoption laws and regulations in simple, easy to understand terms. We provide information and explain what to expect for stepparents and foster parents.

If you are an expectant mother, we will clearly define and detail the care and financial support that is available to you. Most importantly, we will work to ensure that your wishes for the child are carried out and the best match is made.

Ethical And Compassionate Adoption

So, when do you need a lawyer? Whenever you have unanswered questions, or are unclear about the process or want to ensure that your rights are understood. Most of all, an adoption-only firm offers support for your decision and makes certain that your adoption is carried out as ethically and compassionately as possible.

Call our Indianapolis office at 317-566-2174 to schedule a free initial appointment to get the answers to your adoption questions answered clearly and promptly. You can also begin the process by sending us an email.