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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Step-Parent Adoption in Indiana?

Dec 15, 2022 | Adoption Tips, Step-Parent Adoption

It is often asked whether or not a hopeful adopting step-parent needs a lawyer to adopt his or her minor child in Indiana.  Often times stepparents will go online hoping to receive free forms and/or visit the local clerk’s office looking for help.  However, the answer is Yes, a step-parent cannot seek to adopt their child in Indiana without an attorney.

Indiana Code § 31-19-2-2 specifically requires that a petitioner for adoption of a minor must, by attorney of record, file the adoption in an appropriate venue. 

In addition to being required by statute, a step-parent seeking to adopt their step-child in Indiana will benefit from the expertise of an Indiana adoption attorney with experience handling step-parent adoptions and ensure that all legal requirements are met. Step-Parents seeking to formalize their relationship with their child should not leave it to chance and attempt to do it alone as the importance of having it done correctly is too great.   

An experienced adoption lawyer will be able to assist in: 1) preparing petitions and consents that conform to the statute; 2) evaluating any risks of the non-custodial parent contesting the adoption; 3) securing a waiver of the home study requirement; and 4) changing the child’s name and obtaining the new birth certificate.

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