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Grandparent Adoption

Feb 1, 2022 | General

Grandparent Adoption in the US & Indiana

It is estimated that more than 13 million children across the United States are being raised by either their paternal or maternal grandparents. In Indiana, more than 68,000 households include a grandparent caring for a grandchild without the assistance of the biological parents.  We understand that this may not be how the grandparent or the biological parent of the child planned it, but sometimes life is unpredictable and we are here to help.    


In fact, we are seeing more and more kinship and specifically grandparent adoptions in Indiana.  The reasons why a grandparent may desire to adopt may vary. However, typically, the adoption is a result of the grandparent’s desire to provide stability for the child when the biological parents have been historically unable to do so.  The grandparents may also seek the absolute authority to make decisions on the child’s behalf, including medical, school related decisions, and also receive certain tax and other financial benefits to the adoption. 

In some cases, the grandparents may even be able to ask the Court to waive the home study requirement which will save money and allow the case to be finalized quickly.  Since adoptions are permanent and terminate the parental rights of the biological parents, the grandparents will either need the consent of the biological parents or be able to establish that their consent is not necessary as a result of their failure to maintain significant communication, failure to support, abandonment or unfitness.  We can also discuss the possibility of a guardianship for the child if you do not believe adoption is best.   


The adoption attorneys at Herrin & Leach regularly handle grandparent adoptions in Indiana quickly and affordably.  We also offer free consultations.  Please call 317-566-2174 to discuss your case or email Nate at

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