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Notification of Adoption in Indiana

Feb 8, 2022 | Indiana Adoption Law

Indiana’s Adoption Notification Requirements: Who Must be Notified of my Adoption Case?


Indiana has long had very specific and important laws when it comes to who must be notified that a child is the subject of an adoption proceeding.  Generally, if the person’s or agency’s consent is required for the adoption, then they must be notified.  Typically, these are lawful custodians, the biological mother and the biological father of the child in certain circumstances (i.e. if he has registered with Indiana’s putative father registry and/or established paternity).  However, recently Indiana’s adoption notification laws were substantially changed to include grandparents in certain types of adoption. And even more recently, Indiana’s Adoption laws were revised to specifically prohibit an Indiana trial court for setting an adoption case for final hearing until all required notifications have been filed with the Court.  See Indiana Code 31-19-2.5-3.  Further, if an adoption decree is entered without all notifications being provided, the adoption decree shall be set aside if the party who was appropriate notified challenges the adoption decree within 45 days of being entered. 


The revisions to Indiana’s Adoption laws are significant and require more than ever that a hopeful adoptive parent seek the counsel of skilled, knowledgeable Indiana adoption attorneys.  The adoption attorneys at Herrin & Leach have navigated Indiana’s adoption laws for more than 60 years and available to discuss your case.  Contact Nate Leach at 317-566-2174 or email


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