Embryo Adoption and Donation

Embryo Adoption and Donation Process


When a couple undergoes in vitro fertilization (IVF), several embryos are created, usually more than will be needed. The remaining embryos are frozen and often stored for a long time. Once the legal parents of an embryo decide that they will not use the remaining embryos, they have basically three options: discard the embryos, donate them for research or donate to another couple. The process of embryo donation/adoption allows the genetic parents of the frozen embryos to transfer their legal rights to an embryo to another couple who seek to adopt the embryo and subsequently parent the child. Upon receipt of the donated embryo, the recipient proceeds with the second half of the IVF cycle. Embryo donation/adoption in Indiana is very complicated due to the fact that there are no statutory procedures governing the process. As such, it is very important to contact an assisted reproductive technology lawyer to help in the process from the very beginning.

Sperm Donation/Egg Donation

When considering sperm/egg donation having Herrin & Leach draft egg donation and sperm donation agreements can clarify the intentions of the parties clearly and unambiguously, which provides the best protection for all parties involved.


If you are considering surrogacy, whether you are looking to build your family or are interested in becoming a surrogate, it is important to understand the two types of surrogacy- gestational vs. traditional.

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Embryo donation/adoption and other assisted reproductive technology services highlight the technological advances in family planning. Having an experienced and skilled ART attorney by your side during this process can ensure that you and your family are protected.

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