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What are the options for a same-sex family to adopt?  The attorneys at Herrin & Leach treat same-sex spouses or partners the same as heterosexual couples.  We regularly represent same-sex couples when they are ready to adopt a newborn or an older child.

Or, have you developed a strong bond with your partner’s or spouse’s child and hope to formalize the relationship? We also help with second-parent adoptions and have done so since it was first recognized in Indiana.

As there remain some gray areas for same-sex adoptions and the laws regarding who is required or may be placed on a child’s birth certificate, it is crucial to speak with an adoption lawyer who limits his or her practice to this niche area of the law.

Second-Parent Adoption

Historically, the process to adopt a partner’s child is referred to as second-parent adoption. However, now that gay marriage is constitutionally recognized, it carries a lot of the same general requirements of stepparent adoption. This means the parental rights of the child’s other legal parent or an identified or anonymous donor may need to be terminated. If the other parent is unwilling to voluntarily terminate his or her rights or if the other parent cannot be located, it is possible to petition the court to terminate that parent’s rights to clear the way.

Herrin & Leach is an adoption-only firm located in Indianapolis with a statewide and nationwide practice. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the issues that can arise in the same-sex adoption process. With combined experience of more than 60 years and after completing more than 4,500 adoptions, there are few hurdles we cannot overcome.

We are committed to finding the right option for your family. Find out how we can help by setting up a free initial consultation at 317-566-2174.

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If you are considering a same-sex adoption, you probably have lots of questions. You can get an initial understanding of some of the basics online, but there is no substitute for speaking with an experienced attorney about your unique concerns. Send us an email today to get the answer you need to make informed decisions.

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