Newborn Adoptions

The Newborn Adoption Process


At Herrin & Leach in Indianapolis, Indiana, we have helped thousands of parents through the newborn adoption process. Our firm is passionate about helping adoptive parents build their families. Our robust knowledge of adoption laws in Indiana and throughout the country helps us provide extraordinary service to each of our clients.

Infant adoptions can be very rewarding and lead to many cherished memories as you build your family. However, the adoption process can be less memorable and more stressful, especially for parents who do not work with an experienced adoption lawyer.

Infant Adoption And You: How We Can Help

As adoption attorneys, we know what steps to take to make sure the adoption is handled properly and in accordance with state and federal laws. We can help you understand the newborn adoption process, which includes discussing if the birth mother will have contact with your family and how much as well as the financial obligations and how a match is made between birth mothers and adoptive parents.

We can also help expectant mothers understand the adoption process and can answer any questions about the costs and resources available if they choose an adoption plan. We often discuss options for unexpected pregnancy with teens and others who are simply not quite ready to parent and believe that adoption may be best for them and their child.

Addressing your needs every step of the way.

When you meet with us, you will be welcomed into a private environment. We truly care about helping you build your family in the most compassionate and ethical way, and we will work hard to address all of your questions and concerns throughout this process.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 317-566-2174 or contact us online to discuss the newborn adoption process in more detail.

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Compassionate & Experienced Indiana Adoption Lawyers

We work diligently to ensure a successful adoption. When done correctly, adoption offers expectant mothers, prospective parents and the child all the chance for a bright future.  When you come to our office, we will take the time to answer all of your questions, explain the process and clear up any aspect of the adoption process that might be confusing.

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