Contested Adoptions

Support Through a Contested Adoption


A contested adoption occurs when a legal or biological parent does not consent and objects to the adoption, and the adoptive parents litigate the case to continue with the adoption process. Contested adoptions are often very emotional for everyone involved.

The Law Provides for the Child

Prior to an adoption being granted, Indiana law requires prospective adoptive parents to obtain the consent of a child’s legal parents or have grounds to continue the adoption process without the biological parents’ consent. The court’s focus is always what is best for the child.

Simply stated, a contested adoption or adoption dispute occurs when a legal or biological parent does not consent. The most common grounds to continue with a contested adoption include:

  • A parent abandoned the child.
  • A parent is unfit, and it is in the best interests of the child to dispense with the parent’s consent.
  • A parent failed to support the child for the required time period.
  • A parent failed to communicate with the child for the required time period.

Contested Adoptions and Litigation

When a birth parent objects to the adoption, the adoptive parents may choose to litigate the case to continue with the adoption process. At Herrin & Leach, our attorneys understand the intensity of these conflicts and work with you to procure the best outcome. We have successfully resolved numerous contested adoptions, including through favorable trial verdicts.

Half a Century of Experience

At Herrin & Leach, we provide compassionate representation for the ethical resolution of your contested adoption. With over half a century of combined adoption experience, we have seen and resolved most types of adoption contests.

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