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International Adoptions, Domestications & Re-Adoptions:

Bringing Your Child Home 

Herrin & Leach is an adoption-only firm in Indianapolis, Indiana that represents adoptive parents throughout the state. We have helped many adoptive parents build their families during the past decades, and I welcome any questions or issues you may have during the international adoption process.

In most foreign adoptions, the foreign country enters an adoption decree and the adoptive parents receive a foreign birth certificate for the child. We have extensive experience helping adoptive parents register their foreign adoption decrees in Indiana.  This is commonly called a readoption.  We understand state and federal adoption laws and can make sure your adoption is handled correctly so you can focus on enjoying life with your new family. In some cases, the adoptive parents will bring the child home and serve as guardians for a period of time. When this occurs, Herrin & Leach will work to finalize the adoption here.

Registering a Foreign Adoption Decree

The adoption process doesn’t end after you get back to the United States with your child. After completing an international adoption, it is very important for adoptive parents to obtain an order to recognize their foreign adoption in Indiana. You will need to obtain a court order that recognizes or “accepts” the foreign adoption decree. This process is known as a readoption or domestication.

Registering the foreign adoption decree and having it enforced by an Indiana court will ensure that the adoption has occurred in conformity with Indiana laws and allows the adoptive parents to obtain an Indiana birth certificate for their child.

Helping Adoptive Parents in Indiana

We can help, whether you have questions about your prior international adoption or need assistance registering a foreign adoption decree. We are committed to helping build families through compassionate and ethical legal services.


Helping Adoptive Parents in Indiana

Working with an attorney who focuses only on adoptions can help the process go smoothly and prevent delays or legal issues down the road. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call me at 317-566-2174 or contact me online.

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We work diligently to ensure a successful adoption. When done correctly, adoption offers expectant mothers, prospective parents and the child all the chance for a bright future.  When you come to our office, we will take the time to answer all of your questions, explain the process and clear up any aspect of the adoption process that might be confusing.

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